GULD – Spirits of Saiyan (F the reverse)

April 19th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Whether you’re a Dragonball fan or not, Guld’s Solid State Scouter and Final Revenger were both glorious NRG reworks. Spirits of Saiyan is Guld’s latest effort, showing the confident production of all his tracks these days. No download for this one (or ability to embed, so follow this link to listen), but I wonder if we might hear this one at CODEX in a couple of weeks’ time..

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Smiling Corpse 2

April 12th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

A busy week has delayed a couple of other posts, but the release of Smiling Corpe 2 definitely deserves to jump the queue. Long-awaited is a bit of an understatement here – it probably won’t be too long until this two CD compilation sells out. Congratulations to the SC crew for finally completing the release, and the tracklist is really one of the strongest we’ve seen for a few years.

Trek over to the rather sexy new Smiling Corpse site, where you can order the release for a mere five pounds.

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Olly Adictive B2B Damo – Freeformaniacs Round 19

April 4th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Fortuna into Sylph – that’s what first caught my ear here, but Olly Addictive and Damo’s back to back set also has a fantastic tracklist that makes it well worth checking out.

The selection here is a top example of what can happen when DJs with a knowledge of the UK scene mix things up with their love for the Finnish/Japanese sound. There are lighter moments, but the darker stuff is never far away and the tracklist flows brilliantly without ever needing the transitions to do too much work. The sequence immediately following Fortuna – Sylph is a great example – a series of nicely selected tracks that do a fine job of keeping the atmosphere consistent and the quality level high.

Whether this was an every-other-track style of B2B or Olly and Damo took on one half each, the chaps deserve kudos for a very nice set, and one that should have something for everyone.

01) Milo – Kill You
02) Oli G – Cordelia
03) Shox – State of Mind
04) Grimsoul – Some More
05) Twisted Freq – Innocence
06) Asa & S1 – Cured
07) Stormtrooper – Adrenalin Rush
08) Transcend – The Purification
09) Human Resource – Dominator (Brisk & Ham Remix)
10) Ephexis – Intensify (Greg Peaks & Solution remix)
11) Skampy & Mayhem ft K Complex – Perverted Science
12) Transcend, Cyrax & Iggy – Jungle Hijynx
13) Nomic – Fortuna
14) Aryx – Sylph
15) MHX – Gray Death (Sky Dragon Remix)
16) Alchemiist – Empire
17) Ephexis – Mind Grinder
18) Pain On Creation – Adaptation
19) Ephexis – Quantum Fury
20) Shanty, Tazz & Dodgee – Law of Hardcore
21) Tazz & AMS – Gettin’ Dirty
22) Ruffage & Size – Demonic Rose
23) Le Dos-on – Mental Madness
24) Nomic – You Have A Dream

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Dyzphazia – HTID Concept Freeform Competition Winner

March 27th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Massive congrats to Dyzphazia for winning a place on the lineup at the next Hardcore ‘Til I Die, where he’ll be representing freeform alongside some very big names. His winning set submission is now online, and you can immediately see why it convinced the judges – enough uplifting, dancefloor freeform to excite a UK crowd, with some surprises along the way to a glorious, harder finale of Rx’s Eternal Cannon remix, Gozenzeuna and al Megiddo.

Another milestone for Dyzphazia, and I’m sure he’ll be representing the scene in fine style with some tasty selection and typically quality mixing. Huge news, then, and hopefully the UK Horsers will be out in force to support one of their own.

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Sky Dragon – Freeformaniacs Round 19

March 22nd, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

I’ve been keeping an interested eye on Sky Dragon’s productions for a long time now, and so I was very excited to see him in the lineup for round 19 of Freeformaniacs. Happily his set has lived up to expectations, and is a lovely example of (mostly) deeper melodies and well-considered mixing.

Liquid Moon is such a nice choice to set the early tone, and I really, really enjoyed the blend into Code of Silence – something about the two playing together adds a sad note to the hard trance melodies of LM. There’s a nice, careful key change into Celestia too, and while Ambient Angels wouldn’t normally be my kind of track, it works superbly here as a bridge between Nightingale and Lightshaft.

The final section will probably appeal more to the UK freeform brigade, but Solar Summon takes things back to the deeper atmospheres of earlier in the set and is a more than fitting finale.

A great mix from Sky Dragon, and it’s so encouraging to see some (relatively) new DJs approaching their sets with this much thought, and an obvious feel for how melodies and atmospheres can blend together.

01. 2 Raverz – Into My World (T-Forces Remix)
02. Sam One – Liquid Moon
03. DJ Rx – Code of Silence
04. Aryx – Celestia
05. Sky Dragon – Nightingale [Demo]
06. Gammer – Ambient Angels
07. Grimsoul – Lightshaft
08. Oli G – Jasmine (Ephexis & Helikaon Remix)
09. JD-Kid – Unforgettable
10. K90 – Red Snapper (Metrix Remix)
11. Gammer – Unforgettable Hope (Douglas Remix)
12. Vyral XIII – Solar Summon

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Betwixt & Between – The Eon

March 9th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Not the first time I’ve heard this, but thanks to Vyral XIII for reminding me of Betwixt & Between’s beautiful The Eon. That breakdown’s the main draw here, though the combination with some older RaverRose style (the voice samples!) is pretty special. Definitely one of those tracks that only Betwixt could have created.

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B.R.K. Live @ Das Lust 2015

March 5th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

B. R. K. Live @ Das Lust 2015 by B. R. K. on Mixcloud

There’s some very interesting stuff floating around this week, including a brand new set recording from BRK. This mix features a good number of new tracks alongside Genesis material and past FINRG releases, in a full hour of BRK’s own productions. The set really has its moments – once again, it’s easy to see the progress he is making with each new release.

It’s rare these days to find an NRG-only set, and BRK deserves plenty of support for continuing to keep the lab 4-influenced sound alive. Thanks to the man himself we also have a tracklist:

  1. No Mercy
  2. Dance to the House
  3. Saint Evil
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Lucifer
  6. Kaos Order
  7. Everything Dies
  8. Rhythm is a Dancer
  9. Love’s a Bitch
  10. Summoning Fear
  11. Life=Cruelty

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CODEX 5, 5th May @R-Lounge (Shibuya)

March 4th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

The world and her husband must have heard this news by now, but it’s worth repeating anyway – Alek Szahala will be making his first appearance at a Japanese event for 7 (!) years, headlining the next edition of CODEX.

10 Years of FINRG was the last time I saw an Alek set, while for most of the Japanese crew this will be the first chance since 2008’s NRGetic Romancer. Once again, enormous respect to Raqhow for all his hard work – if anything was going to bring more Romancer ravers back to the world of NRG and freeform it’s a booking of this quality.

There’s already a massive buzz around the scene here, and I can’t wait for what’s sure to be an amazing event. Keep an eye on the Facebook event page for more news, but for now here’s the lineup information:

“Twisted synth x Acid x Hoover”
/_/_/ Freeform Hardcore , HardNRG , Harddance , and more!! /_/_/

Place : R-Lounge Shibuya 6F

START : 2015 / 05 / 02 (Sat) 13:00 ~

Door:2500YEN(+1Drink) W/F or Guest :2000YEN(+1Drink)

/_/_/ Special Guest Live PA/_/_/
Alek Száhala from Finland (FINRG Recordings)

/_/_/ Special Guest DJ/_/_/
GULD (NRGeticRomancer)

/_/_/ DJs/_/_/
raqhow (CODEX / Freeform Bros.)
Le Dos-on (Splash Energy/Relentless)
PlasmaDancer (FINRG Recordings / NRGeticRomancer)
Alabaster (Cradle to Grave)
Asahi ( Karma-業- )

/_/_/ VJs /_/_/

VJ ALE (RisingGENERATION / deeepa)
Manabirds (RisingGENERATION / iNSRiRE)

/_/_/ Photo /_/_/

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Pearsall – Not The Future We Were Promised

February 28th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Far and away the best set I’ve heard this year isn’t actually freeform, but a masterclass in jungle selection from Pearsall that you simply have to check out. Harking back to the early-to-mid-nineties golden age of Dreamscape and Helter Skelter, Ellis Dee and Grooverider, this 94 minute set is Pearsall on top, top form.

It’s one thing to put together a tracklist of massive classics and lesser-known tunes, and then quite another to blend them this well – the best jungle sets always give me the impression of knife-edge, organised chaos, and what a good demonstration this is. Props to Pearsall for some top-drawer mixing, but also the set’s progression, moving from some of my favourite chopped up breaks to the amen-focused main section of the set. The climax also has some inspired selections, Music Takes Me and a glorious remake of Tango and Fallout’s Revelations ending the mix in ecstatic style.

Pearsall’s typically thoughtful Sonicrampage post confirms my first impressions, that such a complex set must have taken a heck of a lot of practice and pre-planning, and after a couple of weeks on constant rotation I can confirm it more than stands up to multiple listens. Highly, highly recommended.

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Taber @BIG CRUNCH, Underground Techno Cluster (club MAGO, Nagoya)

February 24th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Western Japan’s harder scenes are looking as healthy as ever, with a collection of producers and DJs that at least match Tokyo for quality. Longtime club comrade and fellow freeform DJ Taber recently played a (probably hardstyle) set at BIG CRUNCH in Nagoya, but here’s a little demo (via SamuraiStyleRaver) of his glorious shuffle-meets-raver step dancing style.

The recent Yoji event in Tokyo was too crowded for a proper raver reunion, and I really miss the Romancer days when the floor would be packed with such talented folk.

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