Guld & PlasmaDancer, Freeformaniacs (4th September)

July 22nd, 2014 by PlasmaDancer

Some advance warning here that Guld and I will be playing together in September, for the ever-quality Freeformaniacs show. Really looking forward to see how the tracklist turns out for this one – as always the set will be broadcast on and then downloadable later.

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Status Report

July 17th, 2014 by PlasmaDancer

I had plans for something a little extra this week, as well as a tangential post and a few other bits and pieces, but I’m heading off to Taiwan tomorrow and (you guessed it) have run out of posting time. The trip’s only for a few days though, so I’ll be back with some/all of that next week.

Ah, almost forgot to mention that my non-freeform mix is coming along quite well – I’ve set a deadline of the end of this month, so let’s see what happens.

In the meantime, why not enjoy this glorious mix of C64 tracks, courtesy of Byproduct.

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July 17th, 2014 by PlasmaDancer

Fans of Finnish/Japanese sounds have ASAHI to thank for this re-recording of his CODEX set, plus one or two additions to take it up to a full hour. One addition is Glacial - great to see how well it still stands up to other tracks, but the whole set is heavy on nostalgic, emotional freeform. Quality selection from ASAHI once again, I’m already looking forward to his next effort.

Incidentally, thanks to raqhow I now have a live recording of my CODEX set, and a couple of little slips and wonky levels aside it doesn’t sound too bad. It’s definitely not FINRG SoundCloud-worthy, but I’ll be sure to either put it online somewhere next week or do a ustream replay when time allows.

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Icon & R. Cena – Inner Universe

July 16th, 2014 by PlasmaDancer

Inner Universe is a big current favourite of ASAHI’s, and it’s thanks to him that I discovered this one – an almost-awesome tune that now has me hoping for a genuine freeform version. Typically for Stand Alone Complex, the original track is full of hipster-friendly ‘foreign vocals’ (Russian and English, this time), but the melodies are wonderful and tailor made for melancholy sets.

This remix works well, but toning down the J-Core and handing production duties to one of the FINRG crew would be a pretty exciting prospect..

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Smiling Corpse ‘Dead Happy’ Podcast, Episode 20

July 15th, 2014 by PlasmaDancer

A little bit late with this recommendation, but anyone who hasn’t yet checked out Proteus and Dyzphazia’s SCDH podcast should definitely do so.

Something a little bit different from your standard freeform set, Proteus’ hour in particular is another great example of how to ease casual listeners into the freeform sound. I’d usually run a mile from the initial bpm, but with Proteus at the helm you’re pretty much guranteed a DJing lesson that’s worth taking in. So it proves here, with some ‘normal club’-friendly hard trance (?) and industrial leading into the Substanced-styled finale.

Recently I’ve been ranting to anyone who’ll listen about how depressing I find the drum and bass/dubstep sounds that seem to be infesting every other freeform track these days (actually my CODEX set last weekend was an attempted reaction to that). Perfect timing from Dyzphazia then, with this heavily dnb-infused set showing how to incoprate it into a quality hour of tunes. Crucially there’s plenty more going here though, with some psy-style sounds and darker tracks holding things together – the standout is surely Guld’s upcoming Gozenzeuna. I won’t pretend to be a fan of the stuff in between the darkness, but Dyzphazia has done a great job of forging an identity for the set and I can imagine it sparking off all kinds of inspiration among other DJs.

A unique and really interesting SC then, while the next one (this weekend) features Olly Addictive and Arkitech.



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Proteus on Bandcamp

July 9th, 2014 by PlasmaDancer

This year hasn’t been a great one so far for genuinely dark freeform/NRG, so Proteus’ move into Bandcamp has come at the perfect time. As well as some classics that everyone surely owns by now, there are newer tracks like the superb Freedom and even some previously unreleased material. It looks as though Proteus will be adding new tracks ‘regularly’ – be sure to keep an eye on this project.

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Alek Szahala – Wraithverge

July 9th, 2014 by PlasmaDancer

I’ve had a couple of posts in mind for over a week now, but what with CODEX and various other things there haven’t been many spare moments. Here’s the delayed first one then, to celebrate a very welcome release for Alek Szahala’s Wraithverge. Downtempo bpm or not, this is an excellent slice of darkness that everyone should check out – just don’t forget to spare a thought for all the chickens who died to bring you this one.

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Betwixt & Between – Tindaros (3R2 Remix)

June 25th, 2014 by PlasmaDancer

Thanks to Alderz I recently heard another Betwixt & Between tribute/remix from last year, this time taking on the rather underplayed Tindaros. 3R2′s remix is clearly more of a UK Hardcore-style effort, but crucially keeps a lot of the post-breakdown atmosphere.

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Honourable Mentions

June 19th, 2014 by PlasmaDancer

A quick post here, to give a few recent mixes a well-deserved mention:

Cuedy – Freeformaniacs Round 15

Some trademark melodic freeform here from Cuedy – it might not match his best efforts from last year, but stick with the whole set for some predictably great connections.


Nemes – Freeformaniacs Round 15

A welcome return for a veteran of the Finnish scene. Nemes’ set doesn’t always mesh the old and new too comfortably, but the fabulous first half makes this one very worth checking out.

7Sins – Electronic Kingdom mix

Anyone who misses the Galrav/Orfeus style of twisted, melancholy DJ set will surely enjoy the first half of 7Sins’ mix, though there’s lots to like in the melodic second half, too.



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Spirit Wolf – Evergreen

June 11th, 2014 by PlasmaDancer

Spirit Wolf’s impressive recent remix of Celestia has a little bit too much UK flavour for me to easily use in a set, but his short-but-sweet Evergreen is another tune that certainly deserves a TYFTH shout.

Keeping the UK-style enormous kick and bass, there’s a very strong Alek Szahala influence here in both the beautiful breakdown and main melody that mark this out as a quality track. Also nice to hear a tune that doesn’t outstay its welcome – the three and a half minute playtime flies by, but feels just about right, even if that’d keep most DJs busier than they’d like to be mid-set.

Like Celestia, Evergreen is a free download on Sprit Wolf’s soundcloud.

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