Orfeus – Live @Senzation Hard, 1st April 2005

October 9th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

I was going through some mix folders the other day, and rediscovered an absolute gem of a set from Orfeus that might be of interest to Horsers new and old. Recorded at Senzation Hard in 2005, the tracklist shows off the Finnish sound at one of its highest points, with Carbon Based, Rx and Alek Szahala confidently thrashing out anthem after anthem, colliding with still-played classics like Lemonade Raygun.

The whole set has me longing for the good old days, and any Finnish freeform fan will enjoy a set that includes the likes of Caballo 2004Ultimate Protection, Tuonela, and a fantastic early version of Unconsciousness. Listen out too for the original version of Grimsoul’s Bleed. Titled Painajainen back then, the track lacked the polish of the Hybridize release but really outdoes it with a higher bpm and a better focus on the melancholy. A brilliant tune that I’ve always loved.

A big draw for me though is one of my very favourite Rx tracks – Uprising. Even if it’s a bit rough around the edges by his later standards, it has always reminded me of a ThermalForce track with its filtered madness over a simple (but very effective) melody. It’s tragic that it has since disappeared – I’ve literally spent years watching out for it, but with no luck (even Rx lost the files a long while ago). I live in hope that it’s lurking on a hard drive somewhere and we’ll once again hear it in sets.

An essential set for the FINRG historian, then, especially as Orfeus tends to let most of the tunes play out to their full length. Despite that, there’s no lack of energy, and a real sense that he’s having a brilliant time tearing through these future classics.

I’ve pilfered a tracklist from Orfeus’ original klubitus post, but as the mix itself isn’t present I’ve mediafired it for the time being – if there are any problems with the link, let me know and I’ll arrange something better.

Alek Száhala – Caballo (2004 Edit)
Grimsoul – Painajainen
Pain On Creation – Lush (Carbon Based Rmx)
Grimsoul – Kadotettu Todellisuus
Rx – Uprising
Carbon Based – Ultimate Protection
DOK & Dodgee – Inside
DJ Eclipse – Devastator (Rmx)
Alek Száhala – Solar Hive
Alek Száhala – Dryad Machine
Pain on Creation & Fea – Unconsciousness (First Version)
Rx – Frozen Flame
DJ Fury – Lemonade Raygun (Back Room Mix)
Carbon Based – Tuonela
Phosphor – Back Bass

Paoçala – Aurinko


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Seileen – Lamento della Sirena (GULD remix) / Alek Szahala – Dryad Machine (GULD remix)

October 3rd, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Dark Dimension’s compilation will be released tonight, but some very nicely presented previews of all the tracks are up now on YouTube. TYFTH interest probably centres on Guld’s remixes – great to hear the tidied-up version of Lamento della Sirena, while his NRG version of Dryad Machine works really well, complete with Genshi Kurage-style chiptune interlude.

There’s a lot of other interesting stuff up there (especially if you’re a dark psy fan), so the other videos are very worth checking out. If I make it to the event tonight I’ll try to get some decent video – it has been a while, and definitely something I should do more often.

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CODEX6, 1st November @Shibuya R-Lounge

October 3rd, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Sorry that posts have been thin on the ground once again – something that’s long overdue a mention is the next installment of CODEX, now a mere month away and featuring another quality lineup.

A quick glance will show you that this is one for the UK freeform fans, with A.B. from Stamina Records and Cyrax of Project Badass headlining as guests. There’s a sizeable UK freeform following in Tokyo, which should make for a lively atmosphere of a different sort than during Alek’s appearance in August. I’m also looking forward to Le Dos-on’s set under his ‘Hyphen’ alias, and raqhow’s b2b with Sige on his CODEX debut.

Hopefully there’ll still be some interest in the dark side, as I’m aiming for melancholy aplenty this time around. Great to see Asahi on the lineup too, nicely balancing out the sounds on offer with some more Finnish support.

CODEX6 with STAMINA Records & Project Badass

Place : R-Lounge 6F Shibuya
START : 2015 / 11 / 01 (SUN) 13:00 ~
W/F or Guest :2000YEN(+1Drink)

/_/_/ Special Guests DJs/_/_/
A.B (STAMINA Records,UK)

Cyrax (Project Badass,UK)

/_/_/ DJs/_/_/
raqhow (CODEX / Freeform Bros.) vs Sige(Sapporo Hardcore channel)


Hyphen (Splash Energy/SOLIDBOX RECORDS)

Plasmadancer (FINRG Recordings / NRGeticRomancer)

Alabaster (Cradle to Grave)

Asahi (Operation -業-)

/_/_/ VJs /_/_/
VJ ALE (RisingGENERATION / deeepa)

Manabirds (RisingGENERATION / iNSRiRE)

/_/_/ Photo /_/_/

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SINISTRY: House of Horrors, 31st October (Elektrowerkz, London)

September 26th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

If you’re reading this then you’ll surely be familiar with the sets of long-time Horser and darker freeform specialist Alderz, and so next month’s Sinistry should be firmly marked into your calendar.

Alderz has been booked to play the freeform floor, guaranteeing some quality tracks from the dark side (which you’d think is what a Sinistry on Halloween should be all about, after all). Massive congrats to him, and there’ll be even more TYFTH-friendly sounds from Smiling Corpse’s Olly Addictive, representing his label and our corner of the scene.

Headlining a strong-looking hard dance floor is Lab 4, presumably with an old-skool set of the sort that did the business at Ageha last year.

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Aryx – Port of Adia

September 23rd, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Following Alek Szahala and Alchemiist’s tracks we have another reason to consider the UK-centric Freeform Family album with Aryx’s Port of Adia. Any release that includes new Aryx material deserves some support – we desperately need more tracks of this depth and quality.

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Dyzphazia – Hardcore Summer Bash 2015

September 16th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Hardcore Summer Bash 2015 was a great event, but as so often happens when there’s a flood of good sets, some tend to get overlooked. Dyzphazia’s set has been on my radar for ages, and now I’ve finally checked it out it’s most definitely deserving of a mention here.

This is probably the first set for many months that has a tracklist that I’m 100% interested in – if you’re pining for the golden age of FINRG and the wonderful showcase sets we would regularly hear a few years ago, then delay no further and give this one a listen.

These tracks have been around for a long, long time (still sounding as glorious as ever, I’d add), and some rock-solid mixing shows how comfortable Dyzphazia is with a lot of these. There are some gentle shifts from one key to the next to keep the variety up, while hitting the sweet spot between the melancholy melodies and darker tracks.

The whole set is an excellent listen, but the selection of Savage Man coincides with what I think is the smoothest sequence of tunes – following it up with Tindaros and then Fisheye pretty much has it all. A nostalgic trip for most of us, and an excellent primer for anyone else who has joined the scene more recently, this one comes very highly recommended.

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Alek Szahala – Megatherium

September 9th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Megatherium is one of Alek Szhala’s newest tracks, appearing in a couple of recent podcasts and now set for release on Freeform Family, a 3 CD compilation from Stamina, ReBuild and A-Tech.

Early signs are that the other inclusions are (understandably) very UK-freeform-centric, but Megatherium does a fine job of striking a balance between dancefloor-friendly melodies and the psychedelic madness that Alek does best. A release to look out for, then, and in fact it can already be pre-ordered via the Stamina site.

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Dark Dimension 1st Compilation tracklist

September 9th, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Following on from the last post, here’s the tracklist for the upcoming Dark Dimension compilation. Turns out that Guld will be contributing two tracks, his new remix of Dryad Machine and what’s hopefully a remastered version of the Lamento della Sirena remix.

I’m also looking forward to Evil Fairy and Suke’s tracks, and it looks like there’ll be some interesting industrial tracks from Takuya Angel, Sisen and MonSiii.

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Dark Dimension CD Compilation

September 2nd, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Dark Dimension has been doing a superb job over the past few years of supporting Tokyo’s darker music scenes, with everything from industrial to NRG featured at one time or another. Next month’s event is a special one though, marking the release of the first Dark Dimension CD release.

The full tracklist is still unannounced, but some of the biggest names to appear at DD will be on there, including Sisen, Takuya Angel, Satoshi Honjou and (until now) non-producing DJs such as Akira and Ray Trak. Most interesting for the TYFTH crew will probably be Guld’s track, and I’ll be sure to post again once more tracklist info shows up.

I’ll be getting the CD on the day, but for those outside Japan there’ll be a chance to buy it too – that is if you happen to be in Germany (Essen, specifically) on the 17th-18th October. Takuya Angel will be playing at the Astan Asia Days event, and will have some CDs for sale there.

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Alek Szahala @Detonation Hard Drive 2015 (Summer Session)

August 31st, 2015 by PlasmaDancer

Should really have mentioned this by now, but if you missed Alek Szahala’s appearance on Detonation Hard Drive’s Summer Session then you’re in for another treat.

The tracklist is similar at first glance to Alek’s CODEX Live PA, but there are some surprises in the form of a beautiful intro leading into a very trance-styled first track, and the very, very welcome appearance of Ngarnuuk in the wonderful final third of the set.

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