In Praise of Shadows – Update 7

July 24th, 2016 by PlasmaDancer

In Praise of Shadows had a couple of important last-minute double-checks before printing finally started, but all the signs are that it’ll be arriving at TYFTH Towers in the very near future.

In the meantime, the image above shows a little something extra that’ll be included with the album. T-shirts and more ambitious stuff would be great at some stage, but with such a strong logo and artwork a sticker seemed like a nice initial choice. We’re part of the way there, then, but I’ll hold off on deciding a release date until the CDs are actually here…

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CODEX7, 10th September @Shibuya Circus Tokyo

July 22nd, 2016 by PlasmaDancer

Long overdue, like a lot of posts these days, is a heads up re. CODEX7. Arriving in September, this looks to be another quality event of freeform and NRG, but this time with an additional psychedelic floor with ChankoDiving headlining.

On the freeform side we have some great guest bookings in the shape of Evolutionize and Nu-Energy veterans Digital Commandos. I have high hopes for Evolutionize’s set, and finding myself on the lineup once again I hope to contribute a bit of darkness, too. It looks as though GULD has become a semi-regular CODEX member, and his set will raise the level that bit higher, as always.

This time I’m slightly sad to see that the venue won’t be R-Lounge, but Circus Tokyo is the recently refitted incarnation of amate-raxi and it’ll be interesting to see what has changed. I have heard talk that there will be a selection of CDs available at the event (maybe even including you-know-what), so stay tuned for more info on that as well as timetables and the like.

Main guest
Evolutionize from USA (Smiling Corpse)
Digital Commandos from UK

Main floor DJ
Alabaster (Cradle to Grave)
GULD (NRGeticRomancer)
Hyphen (Splash Energy/SOLIDBOX RECORDS)
PlasmaDancer (TYFTH/FINRG Recordings / NRGeticRomancer)
raqhow (CODEX / Freeform Bros.)

Psychedelic Floor DJ
ChankoDiving (cubegrams)
jube (Peace Day&Night)
TAK666 (Cradle to Grave)
Viral Program a.k.a 6th (Illigal wave Records)
yo5hi9 (Digital Om Productions/Wing Makers)

VJ ALE (RisingGENERATION / deeepa)
Manabirds (RisingGENERATION)


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In Praise of Shadows – Update 6

July 19th, 2016 by PlasmaDancer

A small update this time, but as I’ve recently mentioned a couple of things on TYFTH’s Facebook page and twitter a post here is slightly overdue.

The biggest news is that the compilation is with the production plant, and in the works as we speak. The visuals and DDP images for the CD were being checked a few days ago, and the nightmare-inducing payment has also been made. Just a matter of sitting tight until it all arrives.

That means that a release date announcement is extremely close – I’m away for a few days at the end of the month, so whatever happens I’m thinking it might be best to look at an early August release. As much as I’d like to hand out the release for free, getting the sounds and visuals to these levels has inevitably required professional-standard production. It would be nice to recoup some of the costs, then, but as a small thank you to everyone I’ll be running a (very easy to enter) competition with one pre-release copy of the album as a prize.

Also, it might interest some that I’ll be adding occasional sounds and images to TYFTH’s twitter account that either inspired the release or speak to the atmosphere that TYFTH is going for, in amongst occasional bits of news and mix links.

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Evolutionize – Preemptive Strike

July 14th, 2016 by PlasmaDancer

A brief pause in the manic TYFTH self-promotion to mention another great looking release that’s rather more immediately on the way. Evolutionize’s solo album has been in the works for a long while now, but will be releasing tomorrow (15th July) on Smiling Corpse.

I expect Smiling Corpse will be the place to keep an eye on tomorrow, but for now there are plenty of preview clips to check out and a promo mix by Dyzphazia. Evolutionize’s hyper-aggressive, Finnish-influenced sound works in almost any set, and the album looks to have a huge amount of variety. Personal favourites right now are Yolvenvur and Provisional Unit 05, which you can hear in the playlist above.

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in Praise of Shadows CD 2 Track 14: Alek Száhala – Dryad Machine (Hyphen remix)

July 11th, 2016 by PlasmaDancer

The final track of the compilation sees another brave soul taking on the remix of a classic, and this time it’s Hyphen with a brand new version of Alek Száhala’s Dryad Machine. The original remains one of my favourite tracks of all time, but Hyphen has wisely steered away from matching it for aggressive psychedelics and instead updated it with a fresher feel, higher bpm, and some lovely touches of his own style.

This preview gives you an idea of how the track builds from the classic break into a climactic mix of melodies – the fusion of styles really works, and this might be one of the most flexible tracks on the compilation, in terms of finding its way into sets across the freeform scene.

There you have it, then – thanks for following the previews as they’ve gone live, and for all the support, feedback and questions so far. Thank the gods that this evening (almost) saw an end to the major delays over the past couple of months, and it’s conceivable that the album will be sent for manufacture tomorrow. Rest assured that there’ll be joyous announcements to that effect, as and when, as well as news on the release date.

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In Praise of Shadows CD 2 Track 13: Aryx – Aurora (GULD remix)

July 10th, 2016 by PlasmaDancer

And so we head into the final two tracks of the compilation, remixes that take on a couple of all-time classics. First up we have GULD, and his excellent NRG-styled version of Aryx’s Aurora.

This isn’t the first Aurora remix we’ve heard, but it’s definitely my favourite – the slight drop in bpm and well-used, aggressive filtering send things in a slightly different direction. The breakdown is where it all comes together though, as GULD has done a superb job of retaining the emotion of the original while introducing the NRG elements.

Stay tuned tomorrow for one more track…

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In Praise of Shadows CD 2 Mixed Tracks 1-12

July 9th, 2016 by PlasmaDancer

No preview going online today (there’ll be another tomorrow, mind), as the majority of CD 2 is taken up by my own mixed set. Probably sounds a bit disingenuous, but the decision to include a mix in the compilation was initially for completeness, to support other labels, and to introduce the kind of atmosphere that TYFTH should (and indeed is) all about. It was only later that I started realising what fine self-promotion this could be, too.

With those initial thoughts in mind, I put together a set from a variety of labels and years that hopefully demonstrates that while the spirit of the older tracks is harder to find these days, it’s still there, and TYFTH will be doing its best to keep it alive.

The set has been bubbling away now for more than a year, and is probably one of my smoothest since the Betwixt & Between tribute. Despite the lack of Alek I’m also happy with how representative it is, with plenty of NRG, melancholy sections and a dark, psychedelic final third. I’d like to think that Betwixt would have been a big supporter of the release, and I’ve included two tracks to make sure that his sound is still heard. Enormous thanks to Hardcore Tano*C for their help in making that possible, but thanks too to all the other labels I’ve licensed tracks from – it was a long process, but well worth it in the end.

Something that might catch your eye is Nomic’s remix of Steve Morley’s Sacred City – I liked the transitions I found (and the track itself, obviously) so much that I sought out Steve re. officially giving it his blessing. We very quickly settled on a license, and it’s now a fully authorised remix, released in this set by TYFTH.

You’ll find the tracklist below – do feel free to let me know what you think and whether it’s a good continuation from the unmixed CD 1.

01. Blender – Illogical [Smiling Corpse, 2015]
02. Pain on Creation – Shine [FINRG, 2007]
03. Proteus – Get Fire! [Watchtower, 2012]
04. Proteus – Illuminati [UHOtrax, 2008]
05. Carbon Based & DJ Rx – Biomechanoid [FINRG, 2005]
06. Steve Morley – Sacred City (Nomic remix) [TYFTH, 2016]
07. Nomic – Falling Star 08 [FINRG, 2008]
08. Re-form – Pure Evil [Electronica Exposed 2005]
09. Epyx & Cyrez – The Most Masochist [FINRG, 2009]
10. Betwixt & Between – Phaedra [TYFTH, 2010]
11. Qygen – Birth Within The Cosmic Storm [Electronica Exposed, 2013]
12. Betwixt & Between – Hydra (Long Edit) [Hardcore Tano*C, 2010]

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In Praise of Shadows CD 1 Track 10: Alabaster – Galaxy

July 8th, 2016 by PlasmaDancer

A new Alabaster track is always an event these days, and I’m extremely glad to say that Galaxy is the track to complete the first CD. Alabaster’s production and composition have both made huge strides over the years, and this track has to be up among his very best – the energy and distinctive filtering is there as always, but here the chords and melodies really are next level.

Some have compared the melodies to Qygen, while for me the atmosphere takes things in the Grimsoul-esque direction that I always thought he might manage. The track is distinctively his, though, and it’s a more than worthy way to end CD 1 on a beautiful, uplifting note.

Some will have heard a preview already in my set with Shimotsukei (a sign that I expected the album to have long since released by now), and reactions in chat confirmed what I already thought – this is another top quality addition to the tracklist.

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In Praise of Shadows CD 1 Track 9: Re-form – Attitude Problem

July 7th, 2016 by PlasmaDancer

Re-form are next up on CD 1 – Attitude Problem is an absolute journey of a track and another that nails the blend of old and new that the compilation is trying to promote. With all the darkness and filtered, psy-styled elements you’d have expected in years past, this time there are weightier leads, crisper acid, and some nice surprises in the breakdown. A brilliant tune, then, and a dream come true for long-time Re-form fans.

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In Praise of Shadows CD 1 Track 8: Morita Yuuhei – The Ghost

July 6th, 2016 by PlasmaDancer

Back to Japanese sounds for the next track – some darker, experimental freeform from Morita Yuuhei. I love the ominous atmosphere of The Ghost as it works through the filters and strings, and there’s a real feel of ‘FINRG meets Kreatrix’ throughout the track. The brutal midsection is obviously inspired by his success in the hardcore scene, but fits right in with the rest of the darkness.

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