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    Long time tyth Follower (used to post sometimes under PD’s posts even) and first time forum poster. Going straight after most listened list on my computer:

    1. Hase – Brionac
    2. Epyx & Cyrez – Unhola (Guld remix)
    3. Alek Szahala – Iron Squid
    4. Betwixt & between – Reincarnation
    5. Alek Szahala – Voices of babylon
    6. Alek Szahala – vengeance (2007 remix)
    7. Substanced & Horzi – Superior Pressure (2009 Remix)
    8. Nomic – Make me real (unmasteri 0.8)
    9. Betwixt & Between – Matter of Fact
    10. Dj Rx – Code of silence

    Does the list reflect my top 10 fav songs? not really, but I can’t really come up with 10x fav songs. Tons of good tracks out there. Also a lot of tracks I really like weren’t on my most listened list due to either having lost the files (hardware crash) or because it got reset once and thus only my “recent” listening habits are represented.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)