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    This reminded me to finish digging through resources, though I’ve still yet to find what timiquizqueh means despite seeing it in writings, I can’t find entries in resources I’ve looked through so I wonder if it’s a weird conjugation or something.

    Ashurnishishi I believe is related to /

    Alek Szahala – Tlaloc “Diety of Water”
    Principal English Translation:
    the deity of water, rain; a priest associated with rain

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    neat so I was right in my digging

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    Yes, I played Self Extortion and Quicksand at 180 as well as Nomic’s Mezame and Hyphen’s Inner Universe near the end.

    3:40 is video from self extortion with some crowd footage both before and after the breakdown

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    Honestly could have fooled me as most your post come off as extremely aggressive, now it’s just overly rude and aggressive. There’s absolutely no reason to continually insult someone. Stating one thing incorrectly does not discredit the whole. Intelligence is not necessarily correlated to being well thought out, so now you’re putting words in my mouth. I have no desire to argue philosophy or to argue with someone who feels they’re right no matter what as it’s just draining to me, but to answer your question, no I don’t see it. The concept of being manly is largely foreign to me and generally speaking I don’t view music that way.

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    I’ve stayed out of this cause I saw this as the eventual out come, but now this is beyond what I’d consider at all acceptable, let alone civil, and replying like that just makes you look like a bully trying to make himself feel better. I don’t see how anyone can write freeform like sherkel does without being a well thought out and creative person. I disagree with a lot of your statements on music as you approach them as though it’s an objective fact, when it’s really a subjective opinion born from your own personal experience of the music and in life. You have this extremely masculine view on freeform which makes a portion of your thoughts completely alien to people like myself.

    Being able to create or see stories told as he does with Firecloud is not being an idiot. I think it’s an important trait to have as a musician and artist, especially within a genre like freeform. Many of the producers who make freeform write as an outlet for their thoughts and emotions and it’s not at all impossible Szahala or any other producer could have intentionally done such a thing. There’s a lot of fun music practices and challenges artists do for themselves that turn out better than expected. My artist mix series was one such pratice(and challenge in the case of qygen and alek) in fact.

    While it’s fine to disagree, there’s no need to be so aggressive about it.

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    wow good ear, out of all the times I’ve watched ghost in the shell I never would have caught that.

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    As for my top 10…that’s incredibly difficult I guess if I had to choose it’d be something like this though

    1. Betwixt & Between – Tout Est Bien (Sein Zum Tode)
    2. Nomic – Falling Star III
    3. Horzi – Human Hater
    4. LV.4 – Angel Dust
    5. Einhander – Devil’s ear 2011
    6. Betwixt & Between – Self Extortion
    7. Qygen – Mega Cliche Hard Trance Crack
    8. Alabaster – Galaxy
    9. Ark-Z – Lunatic Satelite
    10. Alek Szahala – Deimos

    Honorable mention of both 梶浦由記 – 目覚め (Nomic remix) and Alek Szahala’s Ihme Juttu, as both are remixes/bootlegs so i’m gonna gonna include in my top 10 but they’re certainly up there.

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    most of nomic’s freeform tracks are actually 7-9 minutes and I’m gonna go on a limb and say his songs are an outlet for his emotions and not written to be tragedies. I’m not really sure why more haven’t been released, but I assume the reasons are quite varied as they usually are.

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    Plasma and I usually use the traktor built in recording function.

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    Add more translations of some of nomic’s stuff to the list

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    I’ve tried asking alek about some others since I know many of his are in ancient languages you can’t easily look up. I’ve not heard from him since he told me what Xochitlán meant, which I believe is Aztec. Jarno had translated a few of the Finnish titles for me a while back…can’t quite remember if there were others. Risa(formerly 4nkoo) and I had a lengthy discussion on song names and samples early this year so I may look back in our chat logs for more when I have time.

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    Thank you for the horse. You liked him? Oh he’s beautiful… But I thought we were going sailing. You promised. – from a movie called The Cell, not sure why this hasn’t been mentioned granted not difficult to find.

    Also Man Eaten’s sample is from Silence of the Lambs

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    I’ve started posting previews which you can find here

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    ah i see, I’m really curious about the source of some of these. Some of the samples I’ve had a hard time understanding, but I can try my best when I get time.

    Also I misspoke on the two Ghost in the Shell tracks. Al Megiddo is the first GITS movie’s 謡II-Ghost City and Innocence is the second movie’s The Ballade of Puppets: Flowers Grieve and Fall. Kenji Kawai’s live performances for those get more chilling as the years go on –

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    musical is Björk – In The Musicals
    Innocence & Al Megiddo is Making of a Cyborg by Kenji Kawai from Ghost in the Shell Innocence
    Hannya X is the heart sutra (buddhist sutra), not sure what exact version he’s sampling but they all sounds the same more or less.

    I’ve been trying to find out about some of these others though for quite some time.

    I know the samples in Substanced – Columbia is from the movie Blow, Nomic – Human Race samples are from Dead Poets Society, and Nomic – Rageface samples the song Quartz – Meltdown.

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