The schedules are all decided for this month’s HSB2015, and my set with Guld will be broadcast twice during an amazing looking sequence for the freeform brigade. We’ll be appearing at midnight on 24th July (BST) and again at 12:00 – 13:00 on the same day. JST will be 08:00 – 09:00 and 20:00 – 21:00 on the same day.

It’ll be worth tuning in early though, as the freeform starts with Thumpa, followed by Substanced, us, Dyzphazia, Cuedy, Nomic and Olly Addictive (!). Check the flyer here, while the Facebook event page is the in the same place it’s always been. All being well I’ll be lurking in the Happy Hardcore chat for the second sequence of the sets, and it’d be great to see some other Horsers there too.

Finally some news to reassure those saddened by the recent departures from the scene, in the shape of Twisted Freq, one of the founders of the dark freeform sound. Paradoxical Intentions looks to be his latest return to production, and this short preview shows very promising signs. No news of a release yet, but some new material of the quality of his Kreatrix heyday could be just what the scene needs right now.

Decion’s new mix is definitely worthy of a topic of its own – this is absolutely awesome stuff, with some excellent selections and very good mixing. The set is brutal Hard NRG, and is exactly the kind of thing that’s popular here at NRGetic Romancer or Hell’s Gate. I always think it’s hard to get a decent flow to a Hard NRG mix while keeping the interest up, but Decion’s done a great job here. Very much recommended!

1.Jon Bishop – Stalker
2.Twisted Psycho – Venom
3.DJ Rx – Hellfire (NARC Remix)
4.Random But Raw – Salty
5.NARC – 55 Calibre
6.Firefox – Oz
7.Twisted Psycho – Transformation
8.Random But Raw & Tekneak – Heavy Metal
9.James Nardi & Julian Dwyer – Evil Genius
10.Dramatik – City of Filth
11.Grady G – Afraid of the Dark
12.Key & JCK Vs. Darrell White – Get Down
13.Grady G – Maggots
14.Dramatik – Weapon of Choice
15.Twisted Psycho – Welcome to Oblivion

Download here (by clicking kuuntele, as usual)

I should have mentioned this by now, really – but here’s a ferocious new track from Belial (aka. dark freeform supremo Twisted Freq). Currently only listenable on the new MySpace page, Naughty by Hypnodisc is semi-drum & bassy hardcore/breakcore that marks a huge, but very promising change of direction. It’s a fine line between the perfect fusion track, and hardcore-style breaks that lose the pace of 4/4 tunes/lack the bass and sheer muscle of the hardest d&b tracks, but Belial certainly seems to be heading along the right lines here. After a few listens, the vocal has grown on me too, adding a pleasantly old-skool element to things.

Anyway, this tune would be terrifying in amongst a mix of more recent Kreatrix releases, and it’ll be really interesting to see how this new sound develops.



Incredibly, Guld has pulled out all the stops for the next NRGetic Romancer….he’s only gone and booked the most talented producer in the scene at the moment – simultaneously realising my long-held hope for an Alek Szahala/Betwixt & Between joint event. Upon first arriving at NRGetic Romancer last May, one of my first questions to Guld was whether booking Alek was a possibility. He had been trying for quite a while already, but was thwarted by Alek’s lack of time and the small matter of a few thousand miles, of course. This really is spectacular, then, and given the rarity of Alek’s appearances abroad (only the UK and Canada so far?), quite a coup for NRGetic Romancer. After the last event, I was quaintly hoping for similar numbers in February – I think that now Studio Cube will be as packed as it’s ever been, rivalling last August’s Proteus/Adam Lab 4/Guld event.

To say I’m looking forward to it would be the understatement of the year (it’s only just started, so I can get away with that, I think), as the reaction of the NRGetic Romancer crowd to Alek’s tracks is always special – a whole set could really make for the best NRG/Freeform event that has been seen in Tokyo for a long while.