As I’m danger of falling behind recent big announcements I’ll break with tradition and catch up with a few of the main ones in a single post. Good training for the hopefully regular appearance of some longer writing on the site this year, too.

Heading the post is the opening track from Proteus’ upcoming artist album. Rather than NRG or anything like it, instead this sounds very much like something that could have appeared on Platipus back in the day, which is of course high praise. The second track, Gute Nacht has also gone online and shows a more familiar darker style – if the previews maintain this standard then it’s going to be quite the release. Plus there’ll surely be some older-school, pacier tracks in there somewhere.

Possibly the biggest freeform announcement is the recent release of Future_Proof Sounds’ second compilation, a strong collection of tracks with Japanese representation from Hyphen and Kokomochi. Kokomochi’s If Not Machine has shades of ikaruga_nex and is a fine follow-up to Iron Sky.

We’ve also got another label entering the scene in the form of Skeny Tracks – it might lean towards melodic freeform and UK hardcore but the first release Retrofuture features a really impressive selection of newer artists from around the scene. Hyphen’s here of course, but watch out too for Sanaas’ Beastout.

Finally for now is an excellent hour of mixed tracks from BRK. Featuring a full tracklist of his own material plus a solitary remix, this is quality stuff and another clear step up for his productions. The collab tracks with GULD and NEON give the set some welcome variety, while Kaos Lodge is one of his strongest tracks for some time and a well-chosen finale.

Another addition to the growing list of interesting BRK collabs, this one features UK freeform’s Eryk Orpheus. An unexpected combination of artists, and the clip is very promising – not sure about release info yet but it’s one to keep an eye on, for sure.

I also should have mentioned BRK’s Love Like This, a collab with very occasional producer NEON that definitely sounds like both had plenty of input during production. Featuring one of those never-ending hard dance breakdowns, the track makes very good use of it with a really nice drop.

BRK’s keeping himself very busy these days, single-handedly propping up the NRG scene while we wait for some more releases. His latest is Brothers Never Die, a really nice collab with GULD that appeared on Ominous Digital at the end of last month.

The track is definitely BRK’s with GULD influence, but with BRK’s production coming on leaps and bounds by the month that’s no bad thing at all. It happily leans in the harder direction of tracks like Rhythm is a Dancer, while the breakdown really is quality – more emotion than we’re used to hearing from either artist, it surely goes into the ‘very best’ category of BRK’s growing back catalogue.

There’s a lot more to come from him this year, including on TYFTH when time allows.


Here’s a new release from Italian DJ/producer Technoid, a very good friend to TYFTH for many years now. Relic is his debut album, and is phenomenal piece of work for anyone into electro-styled industrial and NRG.

Some of the tracks made me think of more recent Tyranoid/Strongstream tracks (a massive compliment in itself), and Technoid has managed that rare feat among new producers of nailing both the production quality and the melodies/atmosphere.

Available now on bandcamp, the whole album is really worth checking out. An amazing first release, and the prospect of some NRG (and even freeform) from him in the future is pretty exciting.

B. R. K. Live @ Das Lust 2015 by B. R. K. on Mixcloud

There’s some very interesting stuff floating around this week, including a brand new set recording from BRK. This mix features a good number of new tracks alongside Genesis material and past FINRG releases, in a full hour of BRK’s own productions. The set really has its moments – once again, it’s easy to see the progress he is making with each new release.

It’s rare these days to find an NRG-only set, and BRK deserves plenty of support for continuing to keep the lab 4-influenced sound alive. Thanks to the man himself we also have a tracklist:

  1. No Mercy
  2. Dance to the House
  3. Saint Evil
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Lucifer
  6. Kaos Order
  7. Everything Dies
  8. Rhythm is a Dancer
  9. Love’s a Bitch
  10. Summoning Fear
  11. Life=Cruelty

My first gig since the last CODEX will be…the next CODEX, with yet another fabulous lineup that really can’t be beaten. I’m honoured to announce that I’ve now joined the regular roster of DJs, so the guests this time will be Guld and Italy’s BRK.

This will be the first event for me and Guld to play together since NRGetic Romancer, while it’s going to be pretty special to join up once again with BRK – the first time since 10 Years of FINRG. There’ll be plenty of darkness from the three of us (I already have some plans, with one ‘good-enough-to-build-a-set-around-it’ connection ), but with a first CODEX set from ASAHI and a return for all the regular members, every DJ is a must-see.

Full lineup below, but don’t forget to check the Facebook page for more.



BRK (FINRG Recordings) [IT]

GULD (NRGetic Romancer)

/_/_/ DJs/_/_/

raqhow (CODEX / Freeform Bros.)
NONAKA+CHIN (Freeform Bros)
Le Dos-on (Splash Energy/Relentless)
Plasmadancer (FINRG Recordings / NRGeticromancer)
Alabaster (Cradle to Grave)
Asahi ( Karma-業- )
/_/_/ VJs /_/_/

VJ ALE (RisingGENERATION / deeepa)
Manabirds (RisingGENERATION / iNSRiRE)

/_/_/ Photo /_/_/


/_/_/ What is Freeform hardcore? /_/_/


Freeform Hardcoreとは

/_/_/ Special Thanks /_/_/

FINRG Recordings (Fin)

Freeformatted (UK)

Smiling corpse (UK)

Rebuild Music (UK)

Guhroovy (JP)

freeform / Freeformaniacs (Europe/Austrasia)

NRG fans should probably mark October 23rd in their diaries, as that’s when BRK’s first full-length album will finally be touching down. Thanks to the man himself I’ve got hold of it a little early – it’s a really quality collection of tracks that definitely confirms the progress he’s made over the past year.

The album starts off with the title track Genesis, an utterly fantastic 3 minutes of dark atmosphere. It might be odd to choose an intro as my favourite track, but it’s a brilliant piece of work and a very worthy start to the album. The meat of the tracklist is of course Lab 4-influenced NRG, given some really nice extra touches with the collabs later on. Standouts for me might be the FINRG-released Rome Will Burn Down, the pounding intro to Pitch Black and the lovely filters of Saint Evil, but there’s also some welcome variety with the piano sequence in Something I Can’t Do and the vocals of Love’s a Bitch.

Great to see Heathen involved in trademark style on Everything Dies, before the album closes with a couple of minutes of downtempo, melancholy piano. Minimal but atmospheric, it’s a nice way to end things and actually clocks around 80bpm, raising the possibility of some interesting mixes in an NRG set.

This is essential stuff for any NRG fan, then, and a big achievement by BRK after all his hard work. Be sure to support a real trooper of our scene by checking this out in a couple of weeks time.

What I’d give to be at this event – following up Munted’s superb support for the freeform scene is the latest Sinstry, a three-room spectacular that ticks all the right boxes as far as I’m concerned. The main room can hardly fail to bring in a big crowd, but has a very strong underground feel that will go to the next level with the addition of BRK. As the winner of the recent mix submission contest, he’ll take the main stage into even darker territory with his now top-quality productions and selection. Massive congrats to him.

The freeform room is where we see the real event headliner though – Nomic will be returning to London for the first time in years, with some superb new material that’s surely the perfect fit for Sinistry (check out his amazing preview of Turbulence if you haven’t already).

The cyber theme and Slimelight floor are finishing touches to what looks a fantastic night, surely a must-attend if you’re anywhere near London/the UK. As usual, the Facebook event page has plenty of extra info to check out.

Here’s a recent track from BRK that’s an essential for the NRG heads, and might even be one of his best so far. The melodies and synths are firmly in Lab 4 territory, which is about the highest compliment you can give a Hard NRG tune.

No Mercy was also included in Cyberdyne Seba’s newest set, Hoovers at the Edge of the Universe. The middle section is far too hard-housey for me, but there are some great acid picks here and there with the harder and nastier NRG saved for the second half. Really worth checking out, this one.