There’s more Shimotsukei to talk about soon, but before that a quick mention of this three (!) hour NRG session that ticks plenty of the TYFTH boxes. Although there’s already an endless supply of recordings on Shimotsukei’s SoundCloud, it really does add to the enjoyment of live sets when you can see what’s going on. Plus in this case there’s the very helpful overlay to answer any tracklist questions and a pretty lively chat that’s worth keeping an eye on.

If NRG’s your thing then this really is an essential listen – it’s very likely you’ll hear some forgotten classics as well as some more obscure selections. As things move into freeform territory it’s also a good chance for fellow DJs to check a few Before the Dawn tracks in a (well) mixed environment

What was already the strongest year for releases in a long time just keeps improving, as Futureproof Sounds’ first compilation has just sneaked in before the end of 2016. A UK label with a taste for the darker side, Futureproof has given strong support to the Japanese scene in FS Vol 1, with tracks from Hyphen and Kokomochi.

I’m not sure I’ve heard the Hyphen track yet, but judging from the collection of preview clips Kokomochi’s Iron Sky leads the way in the rest of the lineup. One of those Hyphen/ikaruga/Falchion-esque tracks that goes heavy on the melodies but anchors things with some nastier sounds, it sounds like a track that could fit into a lot of sets.

The rest of volume one features some interesting melodic tracks without heading too far into darker territory (Transcend and Cyrax’s Forever is a nice example), but the release is definitely one to keep an eye on. It’s available now from the Futureproof site with a very limited run of 100 copies.

Still a few sets I’ve been meaning to mention, starting with a psy-influenced hour from Australia’s Inoxia. There’s no faulting the ambition in this one, and the effort to take the listener on a trippy journey into psy and freeform really impressed me.

That said, there were a few missed opportunities after the fabulous intro and the Jesus Raves section – with such a demented (and nicely mixed) opening, the set seemed to be crying out for some Qygen, older Alek Szahala or Betwixt & Between. Instead there’s the slightly disappointing choice of Power of Universe, before getting back into the mood with some nice ikaruga and Vyral XIII selections. The set has lost some of the unique atmosphere by that stage though, and it’s more about enjoying the tunes on their own merits.

The final section (maybe beginning with Evolutionize’s Tandoku) heads into more typical, energetic territory, and ends things on a classic note. Plenty of interesting ideas here then, and lots of potential for future Inoxia sets.

Whistling in the wind a bit here, but I thought it’d be worth a look back over the past few months and select a few standout moments that normally would have made it onto TYFTH. Sorry about the bullet-point format, but hopefully that’s better than nothing –  if anyone’s still reading the site and feels like adding any major ommissions in the comments, that’d be most welcome.

Pearsall’s excellent look back at freeform in 2013

Quality tracks from Aryx, Nomic, Qygen and others in Rebuild’s final compilation release

Another wonderful Freeformaniacs set from Nomic

Guld plays The Superbeast at Dark Dimension / SUKE’s dark psy at Dark Dimension

Some of the finest releases so far this year, from Freeformatted

A gallery of photos from February’s 12 Years of FINRG

A quality Freeformaniacs set from Transcend

Some highlights from January’s CODEX

Qygen’s first artist album – successfully funded on indiegogo, to be released via Smiling Corpse


TYFTH is back in business again after a week off, starting with an upcoming Krafty Radio appearance courtesy of Freeformaniacs! I’ll be alongside Aryx, Midas and Douglas for a non-stop, two-hour warmup event that’ll hopefully get everyone in the mood for the following month’s Munted! spectacular in London.

Stay tuned for more info, but in the meantime check out the rest of a very exciting looking Freeformaniacs schedule for April/May that features plenty of familiar faces:

4th April – Pearsall (Electronica Exposed Special) / Beezee

11th April – Jerome / A.R.D

18th April – Substanced / Piumaki

25th April – Girdler Synthetic (Two-hour Special)

2nd May – Thumpa / Midas

9th May – Cuedy / Pulse

16th May – Olly Addictive / JKub

23rd May – Triex / Stray

30th May – Munted! Takeover (Aryx vs Douglas vs PlasmaDancer vs Midas)

6th June – Greg Peaks / Alderz

We’re indebted to Alderz again for this awesome find – 50 minutes of madness from a youthful Proteus and Lab 4 at FreckShow in Australia. While the Lab 4  second half definitely won’t disappoint, it’s fantastic to see Proteus in full flow (complete with dreads), building up a set of NRG before dropping the early FINRG/Proteus anthems.

Not too sure how this passed me by until now, but having checked out Wyrm’s recent appearance on the Freeformaniacs show I can heartily recommend it for all fans of the darker side. A glance at the tracklist shows what sort of hour’s in store, including plenty of Pain on Creation, Aryx and a great Penguin Conspiracy remix of Wyrm’s own Tendrils of Reality. Indeed, there are some quality UK tracks here that fit very nicely into this set of twistiness, broken up with trancier melodies and an inspired finish of Gravity’s Rainbow – Hostile Lifeforms.

01) Re-form – Hold Your Ground [FiNRG] 
02) Dodgee – 2000 Miles [Electronica Exposed] 
03) Substanced – Stockholm Syndrome [Smiling Corpse] 
04) Pain on Creation – V8 [Camel Records] 
05) Transcend & Greg Peaks – Cosmic1 [Electronica Exposed] 
06) Pain on Creation – Lush [FiNRG Hard] 
07) Tazz & Concept – Planet of Dreamz [Digital Beatz] 
08) Wyrm – Tendrils of Reality (Penguin Conspiracy Remix) [F/C Smiling Corpse] 
09) Firefly – Dangerous [Electronica Exposed] 
10) Aryx – Morokai [Smiling Corpse] 
11) Betwixt & Between – Gravity’s Rainbow [HARDCORE TANO*C] 
12) Shox – Hostile Lifeforms [Sinthetic Records] 

Thanks to work I usually miss the Freeformaniacs shows, but earlier this month I was able to catch most of a lovely set from Olly Addictive and Wyrm. The first half has some very nice freeform selections, while the second half heads into big kick/gabber territory. This variety makes it well worth a listen, and at two hours long you’re really getting two sets for the price of one.

  1. Xombei – Thunderhead
  2. Audio X – Sugar
  3. Carbon Based & DJ Rx – Biomechanoid
  4. Grimsoul – Kadotettu Todellisuus
  5. Wyrm – Tendrils of Reality
  6. Dok & Dodgee – Inside
  7. Oli G & Invader – Living Hell
  8. Oli G & Jessica – Miasma
  9. Shanty vs. Epyx & Cyrez – Trippy Hippy
  10. Qygen – 60Hz Power Rave
  11. Penguin Conspiracy – Tripswitch
  12. Micken – Robot Captain
  13. Epyx & Cyrez – I C U
  14. Ophidian & Nosferatu – Psychiatric Ass
  15. Orifice – I’m Broken
  16. Scott Brown – Enemy
  17. Andy Freestyle – Warrior Sound
  18. Scott Majestik – Psycopathic Bitch
  19. AMS & Shanty – Hardcore Renegade
  20. Tazz & Shanty ft. MC Drew – The Definition of Freeform (Olly Addictive Remix)
  21. DJ Nitrous – Gangster Definition (Andy Freestyle Remix)
  22. Ephexis – Shunt
  23. Bartoch – This is Hardcore (Cyane Remix)
  24. Endymion & Nosferatu – Act of God
  25. Ophidian – End the Earth
  26. Endymion – Anger (Ophidian Remix)
  27. I:gor – Gimme Some More

B. R. K.- evil against evil by B. R. K.

After his recent releases on FINRG, BRK is back in the mixing game with a nice set that shows us what to expect from his FINRG B2B with Heathen. Starting off with a great intro, Evil Against Evil runs through a lot of the classics of the past few years, plus some excellent tunes from Tommy Pulse and a nice collab between Phil York and Dark by Design that I haven’t heard before. A bit of a surprise not to see any of BRK’s own tracks in here, but for anyone into the Lab 4 / Android Lime sound this is a must listen.

  1. Intro
  2. DJ-X Lab4 – Ephedrine
  3. Android Lime – Sex and Violence
  4. Fausto & Tommy Pulse – Melancholika
  5. Android Lime-robot noize ( DJ-X Lab4 rmx )
  6. Tommy Pulse – Messiah ( Resurrection mix )
  7. Lab4-Requiem ( Heart of Darkness 2009 )
  8. Psycho Keaton – Hellnight ( Android Lime rmx )
  9. Lab4 – Groove Overdrive
  10. Phil York vs Dark By Design-Disarray
  11. Aikon – Dream On ( Schwarzende rmx )
  12. The Engineer and Hellraiser – Legion “For We Are Many” ( God is not here with us mix )