A real treat for those who haven’t been following the Freeform Forum, the Freeformaniacs Christmas Special is now online and is an excellent way to spend a couple of hours. The concept was for 12 DJs to mix for 10 minutes each, creating one mammoth set that covers just about every angle of the freeform scene. It’s actually a brilliant way to hear a few different styles of tune, as even if they’re not your thing, just hang in there for 10 minutes and there’ll be a different flavour of freeform to check out.

All in all, a really great project and clearly very well coordinated – massive congratulations to Stray and everyone else involved.

Download here

(Shameless copy/paste from the forum follows)

Qygen- Dough Djinn Corps [F/C RuffBeatz]
Qygen – 721 [F/C RuffBeatz]
Qygen – Vast [F/C RuffBeatz]
DJ Triex – Shinsengumi [RuffBeatz]

Transcend – Carol of the bells
Lost Soul – Dungeon
Spiritual Tazer – Brain Slushie
RAF – Eviloution

Firefly – Equinox “Pulse Remix” [Audio Weaponry 010B]
Denile vs Pulse – Twisted Minds [Vacuum Music 027]
Jerv and Hoj – Funky Shit “Pulse Remix”[Vacuum Music 011B]

peaks & pinnacle vs douglas – Gliese beat
andy dee – solas en lae (douglas remix)
transcend – mind glow

Blokhe4d feat Dieselboy – Get Back
Luna-C – The War (Sc@r Remix)
Betwixt & Between – Zusammengehorigkeit

1. 月夢 ~ Tsuku-Yume (M-Project Mix)
2. Substanced & J-Mx – Flawless Victory (Radio edit)
3. Norther – Nothing (Horzi remix)

Red Heaven
Freestyle – Replicant
Orifice – I’m Broken

Olly Addictive
Kaos & Ethos – Technorocker
Olly Addictive & TTE – Dogs of War

Mr Manni – Bow For The Master (J-Kub Remix) // (Medley: Paocala – Sunfire)
J-Kub – Helios // (Medley: Impact & Nomad – Utopia)

Endemic – Hurricane
Endemic – My Immortal – Free download –
Transcend – Zero-G Fire – Free download –

Carbon Based – Cyclone
Aryx – Solar Flare [Watchtower Records]
Aryx – Nephila [ReBuild Music]

Substanced & Horzi – Superior Pressure
RAF – Evilution
Pants and Corset – Malice In Wonderland (Eufion Remix)

Aryx – Birthday mix (2011) Freeformaniacs show by Aryx

Anyone reading TYFTH will probably have checked out this certified must-listen set already, but here’s a belated post for those who don’t know. After Aryx’s fantastic Chaldea and Aurora, the question was always going to be whether he could possibly match them and keep his inspiration up…

Well the answer’s a big yes – the first half of his Freeformaniacs set is mind-blowingly good, and there’s no doubt that Aryx is now right at the top of the trancy freeform tree, alongside Alek/Paocala. He’s still (understandably) got some work ahead to match Alek’s all-round quality, but the standard here is already amazingly high – among the wonderful new material are little glimmers here and there of the emotional, deeper freeform that we so rarely hear these days, and that’s what makes the set so exciting.

The rest of the set is a nice combination of older tracks, though the more UK freeform-sounding melodies of Transmission can’t quite live with the rest of the quality on show, it might have been nicer to hear something a bit more aggressive/melancholy before Inexistenz.

Anyway, massive congratulations (and Happy Birthday) to Aryx – hopefully this set will get the recognition it deserves!

Very late notice, but here’s something that should definitely interest some of TYFTH’s J-core crew. UK/J-Core event Tokyo CASE has booked Sc@r to play at a special early-evening event with Shimamura, kors-k, Genki and Betwixt & Between. Interestingly the event’ll be broadcast on ustream, and there’ll also be a Q&A session after Betwixt’s set. That’s where I come in, as I’ve been asked to interpret (!) for Sc@r when the questions are directed at her. From past experience I know that my brain tends to shut down when I have to switch between English and Japanese, so this could be…interesting, to say the least. The rest of the timetable is looking nice though, so calamitous translations aside, this could be really worth checking out.


≪Special Guest≫
Sc@r (Raw Elements) from UK

・kors k (S2TB Recording / SHOT MUSIC)
・DJ Genki (SKETCH UP! Rec.)

・MC Euthman (HAPPY JACK)

・VJえが (低速飯店/PUTIN)

-Special Talk Show-

Another mix to enjoy today, this time from fellow Horser and Freeformaniacs crew member BEEZEE. We’d been warned to expect some darker tunes, and our man definitely doesn’t disappoint, with the kind of consistently nasty/twisted atmosphere that would cause chaos on dancefloors here. After BEEZEE’s excellent past mixes it’s no surprise that the mixing is really top class (that Moonshine>Godd connection is very special), and it’s also interesting to see the tracklist similarities between this and Dyzphazia’s Munted set (previous post). Congratulations to Amini for having Eupraxia played in both!

Once again then, another must listen – download the whole set (with the one like Stray on mic duty) via the Freeform Forum thread.

1. Digital Anarchy vs Skampy + Mayhem – Illusions of Sound (Horzi +Meke remix)
2. Epyx + Cyrez – Moonshine
3. Marco V – Godd (Tyranoid + Strongstream bootleg)
4. Substanced – Freeform Mercury
5. Alek Szahala – Adagio for Strings
6. Endemic + Solution – Outbreak (rx remix)
7. Substanced – Lost Temple II
8. Epyx + Cyrez – Andromeda
9. Twisted Freq – Dirtier World
10. Amini – Eupraxia
11. Epyx + Cyrez – Kanashibari
12. Rank 1 – Airwave (Betwixt + Between bootleg)

Today’s mix is a lovely Hard NRG set from Decion, recorded at the recent event. This really flows well, with plenty of variety and some fantastic selections – it might even be my favourite NRG effort from Decion so far.

  1. Kam-Pain – Stick A Filthy Rat On It
  2. Karl Davis & Defective Audio – After Party
  3. Defective Audio & Masmada – Hey Japanese Step Back
  4. Pearce M & Riggsy – The Excorcism
  5. Jody 6 – Inside Out
  6. Lab 4 – Reformation 2 (Kid Sample Remix)
  7. Paul Batten – Grime Time (Grady G Remix)
  8. Dr Tre & Disturbed – Imposters
  9. Nick Irwin & Steve Maynard – Strapped On
  10. Nice Guy Danny – Knuckleduster
  11. Twisted Psycho – The Cull (Dramatik Remix)
  12. Mike Taylor – River Rat

Download here (kuuntele, of course)

Another new set from Decion – this time a short 40 minute-ish mix of hard NRG. Maybe not quite as ferocious as the last couple of sets, this one really gets going in the second half and is another excellent break if you’ve had enough of freeform (for some reason).

  1. Matt R – Code Red
  2. Defective Audio – Scream Like This
  3. Defective Audio & Karl Davis – After Party
  4. Michael Smith – Dance With The Devil
  5. Riggsy vs Chris Sharkey – The Blackening
  6. Michael Smith – Orgasm
  7. Dramatik – Angry Adelaide (Weazal remix)
  8. Crazy Chris – Too Fast

Download here (kuuntele)

Kaiser Belial Mix by GULDJP

I’ve been looking forward to Guld’s new set for a while now, and in all honesty it’s one of the best mixes I’ve heard for a long time. Full-on NRG from start to finish (with a couple of freeform tracks for good measure), this is just the kind of dark, aggressive sound we don’t hear enough of these days. The selection is spot on, but Guld has also done a quality job with the mixing, with some very nicely thought-out connections here and there. There are one or two tracks that I’ve been planning to use in my next set too, but mine’ll be 170-175bpm, I think.

No tracklist at the moment, but this one easily gets a golden TYFTH seal of approval. Take a deep breath before downloading though, as the wav file weighs in at around 500mb..

Thanks to kuilin/eirik for adding it to the comments section, but here’s Guld’s tracklist for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet:

  1. Seileen – Lamento della Sirena (Guld remix)
  2. Beliar – Jigsaw (Alchemiist & Decion Fuckin’ Filth Mix)
  3. Betwixt & Between – Paradoxical Silence
  4. Beati Mortui – Let the Funeral Begin (Proteus remix)
  5. ADAM Lab 4 – Infernal Desire (Lab 4 Psycho Surgery remix)
  6. DJ Manik – Lucid (Guld remix)
  7. Alek Szahala – Sunray (Android Lime remix)
  8. Einhander – Fourbeast
  9. Epyx & Cyrez meets Heathen – All of Us
  10. Stereo Junks – Chemistry (Proteus remix)
  11. Hase – Bionac
  12. Guld – Hannya X
  13. RR-ThermalForce – Rockin’ (Phosphorescence mix)
  14. Boot 

 Here’s another set, this time via Pearsall’s Sonicrampage blog. Mixed by Flip back in 2005, it’s a nice reminder of how things used to sound and features some excellent selections, including a couple of older Twisted Freq tracks. Listening in 2011 it seems like the set is a bit short on interesting transitions, but it’s definitely refreshing to hear tunes like Tlaloc and Underworld Species again.

01. Twisted Freq – Martyrdom (Volatile Digital Audio)
02. Carbon Based – Fatal Flashback (Electronic)
03. Pain On Creation – Adaptation (Finrg Digital)
04. AMS – God Of Hell Fire (Nu Energy)
05. Oli G & Dodgee – Heh (Nu Energy)
06. Invader & Oli G – Living Hell (Digital Beatz)
07. Alek Szahala – Tlaloc (Electronic)
08. Cynista vs Safe n’ Sound – Chemical Warfare (Nu Energy)
09. Carbon Based – Anger Ball (Nu Energy)
10. Kevin Energy – Crescendos Of Ecstasy (Nu Energy)
11. Twisted Freq – Burnin’ Up (Volatile Digital Audio)
12. Pain On Creation – Mortality (Electronic)
13. Carbon Based – Underworld Species (Electroplates)

Download via Sonicrampage