4 comments on “Seileen – Lamento della Sirena (GULD remix) / Alek Szahala – Dryad Machine (GULD remix)

  1. I’m not a massive fan of the Dryad Machine remix tbh – It doesn’t add anything to the original, imho it sounds more like a mash-up of Dryad Machine and a GULD track. The lead sounds like a stem, if it was re-produced, props to GULD for making it sound so much like the original, but again, it doesn’t add anything.

    The Lamento della Sirena remix on the other hand though, love it. So so so dark.

  2. Love the Dryad Machine remix, just a totally new interpretation of the track. Turns it into an nrg track and would be great as bridge from nrg into freeform during a set. Great to see Lamento actually playable now haha 🙂

  3. I know what you mean, Chip – Dryad Machine hasn’t got the depth of the original, and definitely needs the chiptune bit to break things up. I love the more ‘Guld-sounding’ sections though, and Aldz is probably on to something with his linking-to-freeform plan 🙂

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