5 comments on “Carbon Based – Live at Oulu

  1. It is indeed a very nice set. I tried to come up with a tracklist, however incomplete:

    Some intro
    CB – Fairy Play @ 2:50
    ?1 @ 7:40
    CB – Dark Side (a somewhat more upbeat mix apparently) @ 14:05
    ?2 @ 20:50
    Proteus & Carbon Based – Heavy Fusion @ 24:23
    CB – Ultimate Protection @ 31:06
    ?3 @ 37:00
    CB – Underworld Species @ 43:19
    CB – Anger Ball @ 48:43
    CB – Psychotherapy @ 54:30

    I will always remember them as “those guys playing live with top hats covered with glitter”, how did they even cue with those?

  2. Glittery top hats? That’s one CB moment I missed, sadly, and I bet there are plenty of others too.

    Thanks a lot for the tracklist attempt Jambato, that’s about as far as I could have managed too – I’ll add it to the post itself to see if anyone can add more…

  3. Heh, they used to play gigs in all sorts of utterly silly full-body outfits too. 😀 The sets tended to have new edits and unreleased tracks to keep things fresh, looks like that’s also the case here. 🙂

  4. Unknown track #2 (@ 20:45ish) is an intro mix thing of “Ultimate Protection”. I remember them starting some of their old sets with this.

    I don’t know anything about the other 2 unknown tracks, though… #1 has been a huge favorite of mine since I first heard it many years ago. Really cool track that one is…

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