3 comments on “CODEX7, 10th September 2016

  1. GULD’s set would have left me a wreck by the looks of it; hard to think of a way to end things on a more bittersweet and energetic note than with a ThermalForce retrospective. If you don’t mind me saying so, Genshi Kurage and Niji seem like out-of-character tracks for you (unless you pitched them down?) but the dynamic probably just ended up making the set more fascinating. Not to mention, anyone who plays Brionac more than deserves to pass Go and collect $200.

  2. No, you’re absolutely right – to be honest it was the result of desperately trying to use Enuma Elish and East of Eden. Thanks to testing out bits of the In Praise of Shadows mix since CODEX4 or 5 I thought I had settled on a nice atmosphere for my sets, so this one was quite out-of-recent-character, even if it went down well with the crowd.

    On the plus side there were still some darker moments and it focused my thoughts a little better on what the next recorded set might sound like 🙂

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