2 comments on “Hard Tranceformers, 29th September 20:00 BST

  1. Thanks for sharing this!!! The full video (2hrs) will remain available for those who missed it live. Pro TYFTH tip: The freeform section is the last 35 mins!! We will be mixing up the lengths over the flowing episodes and at some point a freeform only episode will take

    Part 3: Freeform (Hedonistik Ritual)

    1. Astrix – Sex Style
    2. Eryk Orpheus – Universe of Possibilities
    3. Tracid – Horatsu
    4. Transcend & Kaos Theory – Man on Acid
    5. Aryx – Aurora
    6. Substanced – Ghost of the Future
    7. Alek Szahala – Dryad Machine (Hyphen Remix)

    • Fashionably late with the reply, but thanks a lot for the tracklist 🙂 Really enjoyed the first episode and the videos are much appreciated, might be hard to catch them live from here!

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