2 comments on “Global Sect – Terraformer

  1. Not sure how it’s done but in my opinion there hasn’t been a single compilation from Global Sect that hasn’t been absolutely brilliant.

    I find it very hard to pick favourites out of this compilation. Reason being the fact that the quality is just unbelievable. Except for CD1, which is the weakest in my mind, I had a lot of problem narrowing my selection down to my two most favourite.

    As a side note I just want to add that I simply cannot get enough of the sound of Skarma. There is something with the atmosphere in his productions that gets me every time.

    My favourites (or some of them):

    Omnivox – Pangea
    Centavra Project – Strange Object

    Clementz – Conquer the Universe
    Skarma – Cianendon

    Fiery Dawn – Vibrating Universe
    Raving Universe – Ascension

    Katedra – Evolutionary Stream
    Slow Reflections – In A Rain Drop

    • Right, Global Sect’s record is pretty incredible so far. And even as a big Psy-H and Mindsphere fan I can’t argue with your choices for this one, I should really have mentioned Cianendon! Will be interesting to see if the new Median Project album keeps the standard this high.

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