One comment on “Lucky Lotus Festival 8 – The Final Festival, 20th – 25th June

  1. I wasn’t there! Luckily I still caught your set on Soundcloud.

    Those new parts in City of Traitors are AWESOME! A shame they must have been added later than the original release, but man, with an update like that it would have been a crime to not let the world hear it. Dasein is fitting to follow something of that caliber. It was great to finally see The Fountain and Nightmarish Delusions in a mixed environment too.

    Speaking of uncommon sights…where to begin? I hate ice cream, even with strawberries, but that third-to-last track will never stop being excellent. The use of Vengeance was unexpectedly effective; the sense of precision in Alek’s tracks makes them work at nearly any speed, quite true to his demoscene and minimal techno roots. 12 little fragments functions brilliantly as a final track, provided it’s a rare example like this of the tempo being taken up to that level in gradual fashion. I was admittedly a bit relieved it wasn’t a Nomic Flintstones remix or something. The fluid progression after Tuonela was simply genius; it was tough to tell where Neurotic ended and Blackout begun, not knowing those two tracks, always a sign of good mixing. Anywhere from there to the end would be my favorite part, if not the opening.

    With all that said, there were times it felt like the set was going on longer for its own sake, mostly in the first half. I’d give an example, but it’s tough to name a specific section…good thing that’s what crowd reading is for, right?

    All in all, a shining example of both of your similar skillsets, and hopefully not the last of its kind, even if it’s the lilypads’ or chrysanthemums’ turn to get their share of the good fortune now.

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