One comment on “Melancholia – Lucky Lotus 8

  1. I can’t say this will become any go-to for me, though it’s in part for the same reasons that you like it as much as you do: it’s a DJ doing the job of an experienced one and making their own product out of existing ones, rather than just presenting them side-by-side. I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as doing that “too much”, but the use of samples crossed some sort of line for me. The ending section reminded me of when you formulated a “new track” live with Supriya’s outro as the intro, The Boatman as the breakdown, and Tendrils of Reality’s intro as the outro. The Self Extortion and TYFTH samples recurring all the way through to the end show (if it wasn’t clear already) how deep the planning of this mix as a single unified whole went. It’s easily one of the most impressive sets I’ve heard from an artistic and technical standpoint, just not to my personal taste.

    (A side note about Eternity Has Passed: I slept on the original until about a year ago, but it’s absolutely crazy how Betwixt twisted the melody the way he did! I still don’t think I’d be able to trace back each transformation he applied in that second breakdown. The importance of “owning” a piece of music is debatable, but nonetheless I think it ought to be looked at 100% as his work.)

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