4 comments on “[TYFTH Tracks] Betwixt & Between – Phaedra

  1. Hah! One of the first tracks I heard of Betwixt and one of my favs, too! Great, great release. Feels great to have it. Thanks!

    Going to get hooked on it again. :3

  2. Awesome tune, can’t say I remember hearing it before. There’s some classic BTW styling going on here. Loveing the HP Filters over the synth which i’ve come to recognise as a trademark. Also, the lead melody is classic BTW. Overall I really like this tune.
    There is also a very typical Gateing on the melodies which is something i’ve always loved about Betwixt…

    Tell BTW I said thanks!
    As always big shout to Plasmadancer for arranging everything, always the legend that is. I suppose I should really start calling you -Sama or -Dono. 😉

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