2 comments on “TYFTH Live 004, 24th December (20:00 JST)

  1. Been meaning to comment on this, but keep forgetting to. Now that the next has been announced I may as well say something! I remember you mentioning the Sadistic Form to Eternal(space?)Can(n?)on combo way, waaay back, but it actually wasn’t in any of your sets till this one, so I bet it was good to finally give it a go! Though in the context of a varied set, how similar those tracks are took a bit away from it more than I expected; going into Releashed was much more my kind of thing, as was seeing that track still get attention. Including the Transcend remix felt like a Parker Square at best, but if the live streams become more about giving things a go than perfectionist sets (as this one probably was, even if I thought it was hit-or-miss) I can absolutely get behind that.

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