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  1. Just listening this mix, while having spring cleaning in my flat.
    It’s very awesome and maybe even a bit “better” than nowdays stuff, in terms of NRG-ism, but that’s just my opinion.
    Since I started with J-Freeform in 2006/2007 and then stumbled over FINRG in 2009 (thanks to Alabaster’s MySpace), it’s very interesting and exploring for newer listeniners, such as myself.
    Actually, I’d like to thank you for sharing this mix and making me able to get an impression of the early Freeform.

  2. hi there,

    Thanks for featuring this mix! I’ve always been a sucker for the (now) classic Finnish sound, so it’s been pretty cool to listen to this mix.



  3. Pearsall
    No problem, thanks for giving it a shout in the first place!

    I actually feel really strongly about this – I’ve seen it happen with hardcore and drum n bass in the past, and I hope we’re not going to be calling this kind of thing ‘old skool freeform’ in a year or so…

  4. Even though I have been leaning more towards the UK side lately. I still want the freeform to be without vocals, raw, dark and driving. Not sure how those two work together, but I do find tracks now and then that fits my likings. 🙂

    Anyway, another genre where the older “proper” stuff nowdays is refered to “old school” or similar, is Hardstyle. At the start of 2000 or around there, hardstyle took shape. I realy enjoyed a lot of tunes from the early 2000’s but what the kids nowdays call hardstyle, is something totally different. Instead of creating their own genre, they put the old, genre-defining tunes in a new genre called Earlystyle.

    I realize that genres evolve but it still is a bit sad.

  5. I should add that even if I happen to find good tracks nowdays as well, it has gotten a lot harder to find interesting tracks lately.

  6. Yes, this is a good point. Like Gaia, I only dived into Freeform in late 2008, so I didn’t really know the status of the scene. Even though there have been great releases since that time, I feel the FINRG ‘aura’ that drove into the scene in the first place, has been diminishing. Some stuff labeled ‘Freeform’ has become quite generic.
    However, I don’t think there’s reason to panic just yet. Maybe we are feeling this way, because of the very sporadic releases. I’m sure we are bound to have some surprises when the new FINRG websites surfaces.
    Besides, we have a promising next generation with Aryx and Jiipez. I don’t think the FINRG sound is going to die that soon. :3

  7. i used to mix alot of nu energy and some of the old dynamix platinum vinyls,got many great memories of some of the above tunes, used to love them, still do, this mix has made me want to dig them out again. definitely such a contrast to todays style, i am finding it increasingly dificult to find some really top notch tunes of late, but there are alot of promising artists emerging and thanks to this glorious website (tyfth) 😉 and finrg it helps to push the scene forwards. long may it continue i say 🙂

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